If you tap the top three bars in the left-hand corner of the register, the menu will open up.

Here you can find: 

  1. The Register: Where you can add items to a bill, add custom products, and cash people out.
  2. Manager Dashboard: Access your on the fly takings, access the Backoffice, and keep control of your till's cash during the day.
  3. Parked Bills: Here, you'll find your parked bills.
  4. Transactions: Reprint and refund receipts from this screen.
  5. Table Service: After you've set up your table service, you'll be able to use this screen to keep tabs on tables in use and place through table orders.
  6. Settings: You can set up a wide range of settings here for different areas of the app, including Eat In and Takeaway, loyalty, your payment settings, printer settings, and scanner settings for your barcode scanners.
  7. Support: All our guides are stored in this screen, where you can flick through and search as well as access our live chat to get in touch with one of our Nobly specialists!

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