It's quick and simple to upload all your products onto Nobly at once. 

  1. On a laptop or desktop computer go to
  2. Log in with your username and password
  3. Click on Products
  4. Click on Bulk Import
  5. Go to Import Products and then on the new screen download the CSV sheet

This CSV sheet will allow for a quick way to upload hundreds of your products. 

  1. Product: Name of the product as it appears on the iPad and in the Backoffice
  2. SKU: The barcode number of a product if you have a barcode for the product - this must be unique for each product
  3. Category: The name of the category that it will be grouped with
  4. Track Variation Inventory: Allows you to track the inventory of variations - this is useful for retail stores who might sell shirts in different sizes and want to keep stock of each size
  5. Enable Unit Pricing: Type TRUE if you are selling a product by weight, size, volume, etc. or FALSE if not
  6. Unit: When unit pricing is enabled, you should use this to determine what the unit is sold by (i.e kg, lb)
  7. Cost Price: Is the buy-in price
  8. Tax: Value Added Tax placed on an item, display this as a decimal (i.e 20% tax becomes 0.2)
  9. Retail Price: This is your price to the consumer, add price as a number without the pound sign (i.e 2.35 not £2.35) 
  10. RPInclude Tax: This is whether the retail price already includes tax, like in Britain, or without, like in North America
  11. Discountable: Type TRUE if it is a discountable product
  12. Send To Kitchen: Type TRUE if it should be sent to the kitchen
  13. Supplier Name: The name of the supplier, keep this the same across all your products
  14. Current Stock: The level of stock that is currently in store
  15. Re Order Point: The point at which you should reorder stock 
  16. Recommended Order: The recommended order you should place

Once you have filled this sheet in you must save it as a CSV.  You can then go to Bulk Import and Import Products and now click on Upload CSV.

You will then be taken to a new screen, where you can confirm your import. 

Here you can add variations to multiple products at once.  Add variations as you normally would and then click "Assign Variations". 

Once you are done, click Import. 

Your products will now all appear in the products screen of Nobly. 

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