Variations allow you to have multiple options for one product. For example, you could have a Latte (the Product), for which different sizes - Small, Medium, Large (Variations) - are available.

Variations change something about the product itself; e.g., the colour or size of the product. For additions to a product - adding syrup, or charging for soy milk - you should consider these as Modifiers.

Creating Variations

You can create Variations while adding or editing your products. You'll see the Variations options in the third section of the page. In the example below, we've added a beer, which we want to sell in measures of half pints and pints.

To enable Variations, switch the toggle so that it's green. You can now enter a variation title, such as Size, or Colour. In the Attributes box, enter the variation options, sepaated by a comma; in this example, we've added Half, and Pint.

The variations will now appear below, and you'll be able to enter the price. Once you enable the Variations, the retail price you enter here will be what is added to the bill when you select that button on the Register.

When all variations have been added, and a price has been set for each, click Save Product. As always, you'll need to Resync your Nobly app to have these changes appear on your Register.

Now, when you click a product button on the Register, you'll see a second screen which contains your Variations of the product:

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