Adding Products

To add a Product to your Nobly register, first you'll need to log in to your back office, and head to Products (in the Menu on the left) then click the Add product button.

On the following page, you'll see a few segments where you can enter the information needed to create the product. There are 4 required fields:

  1. Product name: what you want the Register button to display on your Nobly app.
  2. Category: which Category, or grouping of products, the product will belong to.
  3. Sales tax: which tax rate applies on the product; i.e., VAT or No VAT
  4. Retail price: how much you charge your customers for the product. This price includes the sales tax rate you chose.

All of the other fields are optional. Once you've filled out these 4 fields, you will be able to click Save Product. The product will now automatically be included in the Category.

To update the Nobly app so that you can sell the new product, you will need to open the app and go to Settings and tap Resync.

Editing Products

To edit an existing product, you'll need to go Products, then find the product to make adjustments to, and click Edit.

You'll see exactly the same page as the Add Product page, so you can just make adjustments like changing the name, price, tax rate, or adding Variations and Modifiers.

You'll also see a Delete Product button at the bottom of the page if you need to remove the product from your Register.

Again, once you've edited a product(s), you'll need to update the Nobly app by tapping Resync in the Settings section.

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