You can use three different options for a customer to pay with when cashing out:

  • cash
  • card (both an integrated card reader and non-integrated)
  • other tenders

When charging off with cash you are given three default options: the exact amount, the nearest pound coin/note and then the next highest note from that.

You can type in any amount you would like to by tapping £0.00 and then typing in your required.

If you have an integrated card reader then when you tap card the amount will automatically be sent to the connected reader. 

If your card reader isn't integrated, simply type the number into the reader and once the card is accepted tap done on Nobly. 

You can use Other Tenders to keep track of certain types of sales. These are some uses of other tenders:

  • Gift Card which gives discount
  • Tokens given at an event
  • Prepaid tabs at an event
  • Deliveroo, Jinn, and other online delivery services

These give you choice and options for how you want to layout your reports.  You can see a breakdown of all your reports in the Backoffice in the Daily Sales Report so you can keep track of all your types of sales. 

You can split a bill by either a cash value or by the item.  

To split a bill by value: 

  1. Tap "Split Bill" on the payments screen 
  2. Tap "Split by Value"
  3. Tap on "Payment #1" and type in the amount
  4. Press charge and place it through as a payment
  5. You will now be taken back to the screen with a "Payment #2" options, simply repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have cleared the bill

To split by item:

  1. Tap "Split Bill" on the payments screen 
  2. Tap "Split by Item"
  3. Tap on the item you wish to put through
  4. Press charge and finish cash them up once you have all the items you need to pay
  5. You will now be taken back to the screen with charged items where you can add on more items

If you make a mistake, you can pull items back to the left by tapping on them in the payment section 

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