To cash up with Nobly you should start by opening your till at the start of the day. 

  1. Tap the menu icon (three dashes) in the top left-hand corner of the register,
  2. Tap on Manager Dashboard,
  3. Go to Cash Management ,
  4. Tap on the £0.00 and enter your float,
  5. Tap Submit and then open and confirm your float for the day.

This will open up your till which means at the end of the day you will be able to use this screen to close and see if you are above or below, and by how much. 

To close the till:

  1. Return to the Cash Management page of the app, 
  2. Tap the plus and minus icons as you are counting up the coins and notes,
  3. Once you are finished tap Close,
  4. You will now have your end of day report pop up which you can print for your records with the difference.

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