The Dashboard is a great place to collect small bits of key data from your busy business. 

When you first go to the Dashboard you will be given a breakdown of the day's sales by the hour with a comparison to yesterday's.  

You can download this visual data by tapping the three bars on the right of the image, and decide between different file types to view it - PDF, JPEG, PNG and Vector. 

You can also use the Dashboard to find your best and worst sellers.  

You can view on the left a pie chart which shows your categories' sales by volume.  Not only can you see a breakdown of all categories' sales, but can also narrow it down to your top five and bottom five performing categories. 

To the right of this is a list of your top five and bottom five selling products.  

Simply tap the three dashes in the top right of the table to switch between the top 5 best selling product and top 5 worst selling items.  

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