After you have set up your Tables in Nobly, you can start using it to organise your busy restaurant.

You can get to your table service at any time by tapping the table icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the register at any time, or by going to it via the menu (the dashes in the top left-hand corner of the screen).

To open up a table, tap the table in this screen and you will be asked to add guests. 

Simply tap Open New Table and you will be immediately taken to the register. 

Here you will be able to add products.  If those products are set to send to the kitchen printer, then you can tap that to store the table and get the kitchen tickets for the items!

If you don't have the specific items set up to print at the table, then you can "store" the tables bill by tapping the table icon in the bottom left again.  If you wish to return to the register with a fresh bill, then after you've tapped the table icon you can do this by opening a new table in that section or by tapping the table icon again. 

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