With Nobly, you can push your sales over to Quickbooks Online for your accounting purposes. Before you connect, you'll need to make sure that your Quickbooks account includes the relevant tax authority (eg, if you're in the UK, it would be HMRC). To find this, On Quickbooks, click Taxes. Select your local agency, or add a new one by clicking Add Agency

To connect, in your Nobly Back Office, go to Settings > Add-Ons > Quickbooks. On this page, click Connect to Quickbooks.

If you already have Quicbooks open, a new window will open and confirm you want to connect. If not, you'll be asked to log in and then see the below screen. Your browser may need to have pop ups enabled to see this screen (on Chrome, click the red icon in your address bar and allow pop ups from Nobly). 

On the following screen, you'll need to select the date that the invoices should be synced from Nobly to Quickbooks (this can be historical), the Tax Agency from Quickbooks, and the he Account Reference - Sales is the most suitable option, but you can pick anything in the dropdown.

Once all of these are selected, you'll need to click Create Services, which will create the following Products and Services:

After the set up is complete, Nobly will sync the sales data over to Quickbooks every night.

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