Check if printer is ON

  • Check if  the printer is turned on: if it shows a solid blue light at the front

Check Printer Stations

  • Check if the printer stations are enabled. Settings > Printer Settings

Check Printer Settings

  • Check if "Automatically print customer receipt" is enabled. Settings > Printer Settings

Check Printer Status

  • Check if Nobly shows any message under Settings > Printer Settings > Printer status(Only applicable for Star printers, Epson printers status does not work)

Identify Printer Connection type

  • Check printer connection: Ethernet, Wireless LAN, USB or Bluetooth

Check Network Strength

  • Check network strength between printers
  1. Download "Ping - Network Utility" in the app store.
  2. After installing this app we need to get the printer IP Address 

a) Turn off the printer
b) Long press the feed button
c) While doing this, turn on the printer

A receipt will be printed with the Network Configuration as screenshot shows:

  3. From the receipt copy the IP address

  4. Go to the iPad, to the downloaded app

  5. Write the printer IP address at the top bar and tap "Ping"

  6. Once the app has finished running share the results

For Bluetooth Printers

When the iPad has a software update, the connection between the bluetooth printer and the iPad may no longer work. To fix this, go to the iPad bluetooth settings, select the information icon (the blue "i" within a circle) and tap Forget Device. 

After you've done this, turn off the bluetooth on the iPad, turn it back on again and pair the printer again.

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