With Nobly, you can process card payments automatically, without the need to manually enter the sale price on the card terminal. Nobly integrates directly with 5 different payment processors.

Please note that the integrations are with payment processing companies, not with specific machines; you may already have a terminal you see on this list, but it will only integrate if it provided by one of our partners.


Paymentsense provide Nobly customers with an Ingenico iWL250 terminal. This will be pre-loaded with the correct software to integrate with Nobly; we'll help you get the two systems connected.


iZettle provide their own machines. They will send a machine out once you've signed up with them. The reader is connected to the iPad vie bluetooth.


Verifone provide their own VX820 terminal. 

Verifone are not a bank, but they can program their terminal to work with any UK acquiring partner. This means that any payment processor you don't see on this page can work with Nobly, but they will need to be integrated via Verifone. This also means the customer will usually have to take out a new contract with Verifone.


SumUp provide their own terminal, which connects to your iPad by Bluetooth.


Barclaycard have just one terminal that integrates with Nobly - the Miura (pictured below), which comes as part of the Barclaycard Anywhere package. If you have an Ingenico terminal with Barclaycard, please note that this is not an integrated payment machine.

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