If you need to assign staff members to specific items in a bill - for example, you have different staff performing different parts of a hair cut and colour, then have another staff member charge the customer - Nobly has a feature that allows you to do this.

First, you'll need to email [email protected] to request us to enable this feature; there's a setting on our end that we need to switch on.

Once we've confirmed this is done, when you add an item to a bill, you can swipe left on the item and click the person icon:

On the next screen, scroll through the names and select the employee, then click either Add Employee or Done:

You can confirm the attached employee by swiping left on the item again, and you'll see the employee's initials:

You can now view the sales that each staff member has made by logging in to your back office and going to Reports > Sales Reports > Sales by Staff Member.

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