After you have set up your products into your backoffice and laid out your iPad Grid, you are ready to start taking orders!  

To add an item to the bill you simply need to tap on it on the Register and it will appear on the right underneath Bill Total or the Table Number/Name

You can edit the variations selected for a particular item by tapping on it underneath the Bill Total 

If you swipe a product underneath Bill Total to the left, you will be able to discard the particular item from the bill or add a discount to it 

You can discard the bill, park it to be picked up later, or discard the whole bill by tapping the three dots in the top right hand corner

You can also add a custom product by tapping the dots in the top right hand corner.  This will add a one time use product to the bill - ensure you give it a name and select a tax rate as well as price

When you have completed adding to the bill you can add a discount via the option at the bottom of the bill or a service charge and then charge

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