You can use On Account to set up tabs for your customers.  You will need to ask us to turn this feature on for you (it’s free!) and then you will be able to have a clear and easy view of all outstanding invoices. 

Setup On Account

  1. Let our success team know that you wish to use it 
  2. Refresh the iPad and then on each iPad tap the three dashes in the top left hand corner
  3. Select Settings
  4. Tap Payment Settings
  5. Head to the Other Payment Methods page 
  6. Turn on On Account

Add a Bill to Customer Account

  1. Add to the bill and select charge as usual 
  2. Select Other Tender 
  3. Tap On Account
  4. You can either set up a new customer to add the On Account to or you can add it to an existing customer
  5. Select charge once the customer is added
  6. You can now select whether to print/email the receipt, remember grey means that it will send the receipt to that option 

Charge Bill to Customer

  1. Add the customer to the bill 
  2. Tap on their name underneath Bill Total 
  3. Select Bills on the new page
  4. Tap on all the bills they wish to pay 
  5. Select charge and pay off as usual 
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