You can access the addons settings on the app

  1. Tap the three dashes in the top left hand corner
  2. Select Settings 
  3. Scroll Down and you will see Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings have different options which need to be set for each iPad

  • Animations:  You can turn this off to turn of animated aspects of the iPad and improve performance on older versions of the iPad
  • Show pickup number on receipts: Enable this if you would like a 4 digit code to be printed at the top of each bill on Nobly 
  • Larger Receipt Text: If you feel the receipt text is too small, enable this to increase the size.  This is particularly useful for the mPOP printer!
  • Section Print: If you have a restaurant with different rooms and the iPads move from room to room, you can turn this on to set the printers to only print receipts for the customer when tables are used in specific rooms 
  • Disabling Receipt Image Generation: This will not send the receipt image to the backoffice, however all your data will still be recorded.  This is useful for when there is a slower internet connection
  • Kitchen Messaging Features: This turns on options such as Mains Away, sending notes to the kitchen, ordering the bill, and adding line breaks between starters, main courses, and desserts
  • Default View: This will change whether the Nobly automatically goes to the Table View or register view after a sale or unlocking
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