You can edit your receipts to personalise them for your store!

You can edit your receipts by going the following: 

  1. Head to your backoffice via the iPad or by using a computer at 
  2. Select Settings from the menu on the left hand side
  3. Click/Tap on the Receipt Setup option in the bar at the top of the page

Here you can edit certain aspects of the receipt set up:

  • You can add a logo to your receipt, which you will need to load in a JPEG or PNG format. Note: this image will display in black and white on your receipts
  • You can add in your address, store number, email address, and VAT number to be able to give customers a way to send back feedback 
  • You can also decide whether to include bill and level item notes as well as if you want the name of the person logged in on the till at the POS to appear on the receipt
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