Report Dashboard: This dashboard will provide a graph of sales made and their value across the range you set. 

This range can be adjusted by selecting the date range in the top right of the screen. This will provide the following fields to report on:

  • Today
  • This Week
  • This Month
  • This Year
  • Custom Range - Select a specific date range to display sales from the set period

The next graph below will also display the top 5 selling products within the set time period and the % of sales per category!

Daily Sales Reports:

The daily sales report summary will provide a breakdown of the payments within a set period into the following summary report:

  • Revenue/Costs Breakdown: Total sales - gross vs net
  • Breakdown by Payment Type: Tender types for sales made
  • Cover Report: Reports for table service
  • Pay In/Drop Out: Cash added and removed from the till 

The report date range can also be customised, as well as the specific register the report is generated from! 

To export the report, select the Export button towards the top right

Daily Sales Reports by Hour:

Daily reporting can be broken down into an hourly report using the feature. To adjust the reported timeframe, use the green slider towards the top!

This data can be exported into a csv file using the Export button

Tax Report: 

This feature provides you a breakdown on the tax reporting. Again, a custom date range can be set to report specific periods of time.This breakdown will allow you to view the tax reporting on items with set tax rates within your menu

This data can be exported into a csv file using the Export button

Shift Report: 

Shift reporting will provide a breakdown of sales during the the shifts you have set under Setting>General. This allows you to see the sales report summary during your set shifts! 

Sales Reports

Sales reports provides a drop down of individual reports where the reported date range can be customised and the reports can be exported to csv, these include:

  • Best/Least Selling Items
  • Sales by Category
  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Department
  • Sales by Location
  • Sales by Preset Discount
  • Sales by Product
  • Sales by SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) 
  • Sales by Supplier
  • Sales by Eat In Takeaway
  • Sales by Staff Member
  • Voids by Staff Member

Ingredients Report

This report provides you with detailed information on the volumes of ingredients sold within a set timeframe. It includes fields such as, unit type, the supplier of the ingredient, the cost per unit and the number of times the ingredient was sold.

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