You can integrate your Nobly with your Xero account to pull through invoices and tax from your BackOffice

Setup Xero integration:

  1. Head to your BackOffice via a computer using Google Chrome at
  2. Select Settings from the menu on the left hand side
  3. Select Add-ons from the bar along the top of the page and then Xero
  4. Select Sync with Xero and you will be taken to the Xero portal to login

Note: You will need to ensure you have enabled Pop-ups for Nobly on Chrome

Once you have done this you will be able to choose from the following settings: 

1. The Sync From date can be used to stop Nobly from syncing sales you don’t want in Xero through

2. You can select how Nobly syncs into Xero through the Sync Type, you can have one of three options.

  • Grouped Invoices: an invoice will be generated for each day into your target accounts
  • Invoices Grouped by Category: an invoice will be generated for each day by Nobly category into your target accounts
  • Individual Invoices: each sale will go through to Xero into your target accounts

3. You can select the status for the invoice in Xero, by draft, submitted, or authorised, which are different Xero status types

4. You can select which of your accounts from your Xero chart of accounts that all your sales go through to, by the Nobly payment type

Once you have set these up all you need to do is Save Sync Settings (5) and it will sync overnight every day.  You can either Sync the sales now, or sync from a specific date by selecting a date in the past, if you have added Xero after making your first sales.

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