When you have imported your menu, you might like to add a couple of other products to your backoffice.  You don’t need to do a whole import again, but can add a product in a couple of seconds from your backoffice.  

  1. Go to your back office at app.noblypos.com or through the iPad app 
  2. Select products from the menu on the left hand side
  3. Click Add Product in the top right 
  4. On this new page insert the name of the product
  5. Ensure you change the category that a product is being assigned to if it’s not the default category
  6. Insert the retail price first to your selling price
  7. You can then edit your cost price 
  8. Once you are done hit ‘Create Product’!  

Adding Variations to an item:

  1. You can add a variation by clicking edit to the right of the product name
  2. Select variations from the bar running across the top of the product
  3. You then have two choices, copying a variation from another product or creating a new variation
  4. To create a new variation, select Add New Variation in the top left
  5. Variations allow you to add different attributes to your item. For example if you want each variation attribute to be a different size, the name will be “Size” 
  6. Each individual variation attribute will need a name and price - if applicable.  Your attribute name should be the specific attribute, i.e “Small”. The price is the difference that the individual attribute makes from your retail price.  i.e your retail price is £3.00 and the small glass is only £2.50 then the number inserted in the box should be -0.5
  7. You can set a default to a variation so that when the product is added it will default to that specific attribute 
  8. You can then hit save and the variations will be added to the product
  9. To add further attributes to your variations, select Add another attribute

Marking an item as Takeaway: 

  1. Select ‘edit’ to the right of the product in the products list and then go to the general tab
  2. At the bottom you will see there is an option “Take away item”  - select the toggle to the right to turn this on
  3. You will now see that the Takeaway tab along the top is no longer grey, select it
  4. You can now insert a new retail price and tax.  The tax will default to 0% when you turn Takeaway on
  5. You can also edit your variations’ prices for takeaway on this screen 
  6. You can then hit save and your product will updated

You should always head to your iPad Grid after you have created a new product and wish to add it directly onto your register 

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