Account Settings:

  1. Go to your back office at or through the iPad app 
  2. Select Settings on the left hand side menu
  3. Here you will see some sections running across the top that you can find out what they do below

General Settings

Where you can change some of the miscellaneous settings of the app, including a drop down from general settings to get more options:

Store Settings

  • Your location
  • Your opening and closing times for reports (your reports refresh when it gets to the new opening time of the store)
  • Your timeshifts (where you can set certain periods of the day to get separate reports) 
  • Service Charge (you can set a default amount that will only apply to Eat In sales).

Tax Settings: 

  • Setup tax rates and create tax groups for when you have different levels of sales tax (i.e State and Federal).  You can also choose default options for eat in and takeaway so that when you set up those products it sets the tax correctly without you needing to change it.
  • Custom Payment Methods: You can add different payment methods that you will be able to charge customers with.  As an example, this can be used for when you are taking tokens as a payment method on the point of sale and you want to be able to see the totals from each separate token.  
  • Manage Preset Discounts:  You can add a preset discount to certain categories, for example when you want to give staff a discount of 50% on food but don’t want them to receive on drinks.  This will then appear as an option in the discount section on Nobly. 

Receipt Set Up: 

  • Here you can edit certain aspects of the receipt set up 
  • You can add a logo to your receipt, which you will need to load in a JPEG or PNG format. Note: this image will display in black and white on your receipts
  • You can add in your address, store number, email address, and VAT number to be able to give customers a way to send back feedback 
  • You can also decide whether to include bill and level item notes as well as if you want the name of the person logged in on the till at the POS to appear on the receipt.  

Manage Staff 

  • Here you can add staff as well as set rules
  • To add a member of staff, select Add Employee and then complete the employee information.  The email address is for reference and has no impact on the profiles.
  • You can give a staff member three sets of permissions: Manager, Backoffice, and Discounts:

Manager: This profile allows access to the Manager Dashboard and perform the cashing up functions for the day, opening the cash drawer and can apply refunds and discounts
Backoffice: This allows access to the Nobly Backoffice platform
Discounts: This allows the employee to apply discounts to orders

  • You can edit the rules of all members of staff in the staff rules section.  Here, you can give all cashiers the ability to refund and discount sales, turn on the timeclock and set an auto-clockout time, and you can set Nobly to lock after each sale is made
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