Setting up your SumUp Account

To create a SumUp account, sign up via the Nobly POS & SumUp link:

Once you’ve got that created, it’s time to set up your SumUp card reader and pair it with Nobly.


  1. On your Nobly app, open up the “Settings” menu.
  2. Open “Payment settings” and press the button marked “Integrations.”
  3. Select SumUp.
  4. Toggle the switch marked Enable SumUp.
  5. Click Sign In and add your SumUp login details.
  6. Check that your SumUp Air Card Reader is switched on.
  7. Go back to the register and ring up a sale of at least £1.00.
  8. Press Charge, then select the Card payment type.
  9. At this point, a pop up will appear from SumUp looking to pair with the air card reader, followed by the screen below. You will need to find the number here that matches the serial number on the back of the air card reader you are trying to connect.If you find the number that corresponds with your terminal, select connect, or simply tap on the image in the centre of the screen.If you DO NOT find the number that corresponds with your terminal, make sure that your terminal is on, and press Rescan.

Congratulations: you’re all set up!

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