Setting up your Barclaycard Card Reader

When you’ve made the decision to go with Barclaycard as a payment processor, you need to get in touch with Nobly’s support team and give them them your delivery details, as well as the details of the account you want takings to go in to.

Barclaycard will then send out your card terminal, and set it up for you.

Now, you can pair your Barclaycard card terminal with Nobly.

Pairing your Barclaycard payment terminal with your iPad

  1. Turn your Barclaycard card reader on using the small button on the front. This will automatically put it into “Pairing Mode.”
  2. Go to your iPad’s settings menu, and select “Bluetooth.”
  3. Ensure that your Bluetooth is switched on. You should see the Barclaycard card reader listed under “Other Devices.” Press on it to connect the card reader with your iPad. 
  4. Once they are connected, the card reader will jump up to “My Devices.”

Connecting Nobly with your card terminal

  1. On your Nobly app, open up the “Settings” menu.
  2. Open “Payment settings” and press the button marked “Integrations.”
  3. Select “PayWorks.”
  4. Toggle the switch marked “Enable Payworks” to connect Nobly with your card terminal.
  5. Test the connection by putting a card payment through. If it has worked, then the payment will flash up on your card terminal.

Congratulations: you’re all set up! 

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