The Star TSP100 series of thermal receipt printers is Nobly's "supported" printer series; when we say supported, we mean that is fully tested and confirmed to work with our system, and we can provide troubleshooting steps for it.

There are four different versions of this printer model, and each connects in a different way to the Nobly system.

LAN (Ethernet)

Model name: TSP143IIILAN
This printer plugs in to your local area network (LAN) via ethernet cable. You connect the printer directly to your network router or Cat 5 port to connect it to the network, then it communicates with the iPad over that network.

Please note the LAN printer is the only one we recommend for kitchen printing; WiFi signal can be destabilised by microwaves and other appliances, and USB and Bluetooth will be out of range of the iPad.


Model name: TSP143IIIWLAN
The WiFi version of the TSP100 connects to your network and iPad wirelessly. Both devices will need to be on the same network - if you have guest and private WiFi networks, or 2G and 5G bandwidths of the same network, make sure the iPad and the printer are on exactly the same.


Model name: TSP143IIIBl
This model connects to the iPad via bluetooth through the settings app. Once, connected, you just need to click Discover Printers in the Nobly Settings.


Model name: TSP143IIIU
The USB version of the printer plugs directly from the iPad in to the printer by a lightning cable. This direct connection also keeps the iPad fully charged through the power from the printer.

How to find the model number

If you're unsure about your TSP100 model type, you can find this on a sticker on the bottom of the printer. The model name will use TSP143III as you can see above, followed by 1 or 2 letters.

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