If you have multiple printers, you can set them up to print separate tickets so the kitchen staff can prepare food orders, or have a coffee station where your drinks orders can be prepared.

First, your printers will need to be connected to your iPad. You can find out how to do that here.

Kitchen Printing

When your printers are connected to Nobly, you can enable one of them to perform as a Kitchen printer by going to Settings > Printer Settings, Here, tap on the name of the printer you want to use, then select the option for Kitchen Ticket:

Now, any products (or products within categories) that are set to print to the kitchen will print a kitchen ticket, with only the food to be prepared.

To enable the Category to print to kitchen or a station, you can go to the back office, Products > Advanced Features > Manage Categories. Here, click edit on the category and enable the location for it to print to.

You can follow the same steps to set up printing at up to 2 other printers; just set up the categories to print at the correct station; and in the Nobly app, set the printer to be Station 1 or 2.

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