There are two ways to connect the Star TSP100 WiFi printer to your network, and your iPad.

Using the WPS Button

If your router has a WPS pairing button, this is the easier way to connect the printer. First, load the receipt paper in the correct alignment, plug in the printer to the power, and switch it on.

Then, press and hold the Pair button on the back of the printer until the light on the front blinks in bursts of three. When the light is blinking, press the WPS (or equivalent) button on your router. Once the printer is connected to the network the blue LED will stop flashing and become solid blue. The printer will print off it's connection information including its IP Address. Your printer is now setup on your network.

Connecting the printer by Ad-Hoc/Static IP mode

If your router does not have a WPS pairing button, you'll need to create the necessary steps manually.

First, you’ll need to get the printer’s Mac Address. To do this, you’ll need to print the printer’s network configuration settings. Switch the printer off, then, as you switch it back on, keep hold of the feed button for 3 seconds, and a slip (or two) will print with the printer's internet settings. Take note of the MAC address and IP address.

Open the Wi-Fi Settings on your iPad. Among the list of networks you should see the TSP100III listed with the last six digits of the MAC address beside it. Tap on it to join the network.   

A popup will appear to tell you that an Internet connection cannot be made. Tap 'Join Anyway'

The name of the printer's network "TSP100III-xxxxxx" will appear with a tick beside it (xxxxxx being the last six digits of the printer's MAC address).

Open a browser and type in the address entry field (the fixed IP address of the ad-hoc mode). This will open the 'TSP100III Network Utility'. From the menu on the left side of the screen tap on 'login'

Login with the default username 'root' and the password 'public'. A popup may appear to prompt you to change the password. Tap OK to change it or Cancel to leave it as it is (for this step, pressing Cancel will allow you to connect the printer more quickly). Now click on 'WLAN Settings' from the menu in the left panel of the screen

Enter the name of your wifi network (SSID) and the security key (password) and then tap on the 'Submit' button. The 'Save' button in the left margin will flash red - press that now. After that, tap the 'Execute' button to reboot your printer. The printer will restart and self print its new settings, with the new IP address appearing at the bottom of the slip. Your printer is now connected to your network. Just make sure to reconnect your iPad to your network in the iPad Wi-Fi settings. Tap on the name of your network and enter the password to reconnect.

Connecting the printer to Nobly

Once the printer is connected to your WiFi network, you'll need to open the Nobly app, go to Settings > Printer Settings and click the Search for Printers button. You should find the WiFi printer and just click on it to save.

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